The Two Meter Man

Hi, I am Tyler Collins, the massive Alaskan, the lanky yankee. Better known as The Two Meter Man. Born and raised in Alaska, I fell in love with acting and music, it became my life.

I have lived and worked Scotland for the past 9 years. It is my home. In my time there I have helped create some award winning pieces of work, that I am truly proud to be part of.


Recent News

Visa Approved!

After 3 months of exile in America, my UK visa has been accepted and I have returned to the UK with a Promising Talent Visa. Thank you to everyone in the Scottish arts community who helped support my case, and spread the word.

Where Do We Go From Here?

James and his three, elderly best friends hatch a plan to go on one last adventure and the only medical cover they can get is the one person who doesn’t want to be around old people.